The cost of NRVE goes up and down, pretty much hourly, but all of the Niche auctions start at the equivalent of $75 US.

we have a bunch of FAQ entries that should help you to make your purchase.

I won a Niche and now how do I purchase?
How do I buy NRVE?

How do I know how much ETH to convert to NRVE for a Niche that I've won?

Currently the option to purchase using a credit card is unavailable. We do not yet have an ETA on when that option will be restored.


@David Dreezer - I don't want to speak out of turn because I don't know the details of the suspension of the deadline for paying for niches due to the credit card processing being offline... but can you provide some details to @JerrodBelcher about this?

The reason I mention this is that if you can remove the pressure of the payment deadline - he may opt to just wait for the credit card processing to return.  

Personally, I think this is important because forcing people to deal with buying NRVE can cause some folks to be put off, and potentially have their experience of Narrative be tainted by the experience.  It isn't exactly a simple procedure, yet, to by NRVE.

We've been sending the message that people don't have to deal with NRVE if they don't feel inclined to do so, and that's a crucial advantage... but now we have to really make sure we're living up to that message.  I think that means we should be suspending the payment deadlines indefinitely until credit card processing is back online.


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