Currently, only a niche owner can change a niche's name or description after it is initially created by the person that originally suggested it.  Because of that, niches with misspellings are (rightfully) being rejected.  And when that happens, the recourse is to have someone suggest the niche again, hopefully without misspellings.

We've had some community members raise this as an issue (here and here):

After considering the feedback and suggestions, we've come up with a way to fix these issues prior to the completion of the community review period for approving the niche.

Here are the details:

1.  While a niche is in the Ballot Box, give the person that suggested the niche the chance to edit the name/description ONE TIME.  We would display the edit link on the niche profile for the suggester's eyes only.  

2. If they edit the name/description, the current ballot is reset. All existing votes are erased as if they never happened... and the review period starts anew (with a new, complete review period).

3. Anyone who had already voted on that ballot is sent an email to inform them that the niche has been edited and is up for review again (with a link to the ballot) and informed that that their previous vote has been canceled.

4. During the review period, each time someone rejects the niche based on a misspelling, the suggester receives an email notification to announce that fact, with a link to edit the name/description (assuming that they have not already used their one-time edit option). This way, they can take action instantly if it comes to their attention that there is a misspelling.

Thus, the suggester might edit the name/description on their own OR because they were prompted by a rejection vote notification.  In either case, they can only edit the niche one time. We do not want an endless cycle of edits during the review period.

We'll make clear in the edit prompt that they have only one chance to edit.

5. We'll extend the review period from 48 hours to 72 hours, to give the suggester more time to edit once rejection votes start occurring.

With these changes, we make it easier to correct simple mistakes, though we are still relying on the suggester to fix the problem.  We prevent a typo from hurting a suggester's reputation, since a rejected niche will definitely impact your reputation.  By only allowing one edit by the suggester per niche, we prevent an endless loop of consideration for a niche.

Note that the eventual niche owner would still have the right to edit the niche name/description, just like things work now. This is just an additional edit window reserved for the suggester. And after the review period ends, that window would be permanently closed for the suggester.

Please note that there is no current ETA on when these changes will be implemented. I'm just sharing the improved options that we plan to put in place.

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Resurrecting this as the problem of misspellings and errors in niches and niche descriptions is continuing to be problematic.

These measures outlined by @Ted could really help. 

The community has been very good at commenting on what the problems are with a niche.  I'd say we're doing this effectively, about 90% of the time.

Niche suggesters have been responsive in the comments perhaps 30% of the time, but with the email alerts @Ted mentions, I'm sure that could be boosted to 50% or more.

So I'd estimate these measures would improve the number of niches that reach acceptable quality by something in the vicinity of 45%.

This does not replace the need for the Tribunal to start strictly applying @MOLLY O guidelines in their decisions on appeals, but it is a big improvement that should greatly reduce the burden of the Tribunal by heavily reducing how many niches need to be appealed.

Any update on when this might be developed?

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