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A couple of thoughts on where Narrative might find fertile ground to thrive in its first 6-12 months.

We all know how Facebook took hold on college campuses.

Whilst blindly copying methods that have worked for others is often doomed to fail, there might be some value to a specific area within colleges, for Narrative.

I'm thinking of schools of journalism, political science, sociology, and creative writing.

Schools of Journalism

The attraction for journalist students is publishing their work and getting paid for it, just like all other content creators.  Except for them, there is an even more natural affinity since they are producing work for their classes already and ultimately seeking to build momentum for their career path in journalism.  The name 'Narrative' also holds a very particular pull for them, I think.

Political Science and Sociology

The broad cross section of niches and users, combined with the community governed aspect of Narrative with elected moderators, transparency and Tribunal, and the polling features I hope to see the platform incorporate - all these things will make Narrative a fascinating process for students of political science and sociology to be a part of.  Ideally the platform will move in a direction that allows them insights they can use in their papers and theses.  By nurturing them as students, Narrative will reap a generation of politicians, political commentators and sociologists within a few years - and become established as a center for people with these sorts of focus.

Creative Writing

Naturally, creative writing students will be producing short stories through their course work, as well as engaging in discussions about creativity which will be well served by certain Narrative niches.  The platform can also provide collaborative opportunities between writers, which is often a part of learning creative writing.


This is probably not an exhaustive list of course.  Schools of Communications, Film departments... 

Although these opportunities in educational settings don't mirror the simplicity of the draw Facebook had, I think that's inevitable considering Narrative's initial premise is more sophisticated than Facebook's was.  Narrative will need to work a bit harder than Facebook did to cultivate the areas of society where it can be adopted with the most ease and engagement.

Happy to brainstorm ways in which these college departments could optimally be approached.

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