This post is following up on something @Christina Gleason suggested in the thread on junk content and that I feel merits more discussion.

In that thread, @Christina Gleason says:

It would be nice if niche owners could create and publish such rules and standards before the beta launch. I don't need to worry too much about the rules for Ask Narrative, because it is what it is, but Actually Autistic is DEFINITELY going to have rules.

I wholeheartedly agree with this suggestion.

What I'd eventually like to see is a niche being able to submit guideline or bylaw changes to its frequent flyers for approval. Perhaps this could simply be in the form of polls.

For now, what I'm thinking of doing is creating a post outlining suggested guidelines or commitments for posters, moderators etc. and just making that an early or even pinned post.

Since I own a few political niches, I'd like this kind of semi-formalized plea to be civil and obey the rules to be up front and center, or at least accessible. 

But there are other cases, as in @Christina Gleason 's, where it makes sense to bake certain requirements into the moderation rules for the niche.

There must be objections to this I'm not thinking of. Anybody know what they are?

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