I'm asking because of the Drinking Alcohol niche I suggested here: https://alpha.narrative.org/hq...al/25946601693388838

I added a line about the legal drinking age specifically to avoid the "encouraging illegal activity" part of the TOS, but others find it problematic, which is pretty much the opposite of why I included it in the first place. (I am autistic and thought I was preventing a problem, not causing one!)

I know there's been talk in here about being able to edit suggested niche names and descriptions and resetting the vote counts, but I don't see that this is something I can actually do. (If I'm missing how to do it, please enlighten me?) 

Help? I have a long list of niches I would like to suggest, but if this gets rejected because my phrasing backfired, it's going to be a major setback.

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Hi Christina,

I wondered the same thing recently - and it does not seem that functionality has been added yet.

A few days ago I tried to revive a thread where this was the topic:


But I wouldn't expect much in response until we're well clear of the New Year period.

This functionality would be really helpful.

Meanwhile, don't get discouraged!  Your niche suggestions are great!

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