I thought it might be useful to collect ideas how to promote Narrative without causing huge costs for the project. I will start and I hope you will join with your ideas. :-) 

1. Matt Brooks is a design genius:


maybe he could create Christmas cards or in general Ecards with the Narrative logo and website? That way we could promote Narrative to many people in an inobtrusive way. :-)

But I guess it might be too late for this Christmas, unless Matt could start immediately.


2. Similar idea, creating flyers and posters of varying size (small, medium, large) and providing them as pdf-download to us, so that we can print them out and distribute them in our neighbourhood. There could be some space left to insert a niche name in case niche owners want this- so they could promote both their niches and Narrative in general.

What are your ideas? Thank you!



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I like the Xmas card idea.

"This year, among other things, I gift you the gift of better social media!  Come join me on Narrative, where you're back in charge of your own data, get paid for your content, and participate democratically in platform decisions.  This is where I'll be in 2019 and beyond: drop by and check me out there!"

If I got a card like that from a friend, I'd sign up.

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