The @Narrative Network Team already have something in the works for opening up Chaucer to a wider user base, so this suggestion may not fit what they already have in mind, but please consider it on its merits.

It might be advantageous to open up Chaucer to newcomers in small increments, by opening it up for a limited time and cutting off new sign ups once a target is reached.


1) Chaucer becomes active again (really not optimal that niches are not being bid on - sends precisely the wrong message to people coming to discover the project)

2) Chaucer activity levels can be precisely controlled between now and Beta launch

3) Access can be throttled down so that the burden on the Team in managing communication with newcomers remains manageable.  The Community is, of course, also here to help with that communication

4) Limited access is GREAT publicity.  People will start paying close attention, trying to gain entry each time the Team opens access.  It will create interest and desire with very little advertising overhead.


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Whitmal posted:

can new people buy niches yet?   if not why the delay

Hey @Whitmal

The latest info I have on all this is from this thread.

I haven't seen anything new since then, and @Ted said to expect some news a couple of weeks after June 5th, so I expect we'll hear something next week?

I think the best scenario is welcoming people in controlled bursts.  Minimises risks of the Team getting overwhelmed, allows fine control over Chaucer activity levels (spreading out the action until launch rather than having patches of zero activity like now), and stokes interest by making access a rarer opportunity over time.

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