1. Bangladesh

2. Indonesia

3. Nigeria

4. Pakistan

I'm looking for dedicated moderators for the above niches with these three qualities:

Passion: Be passionate about your country! If you love your country's history and future, this is the job for you.

Knowledge: You should have a very good knowledge of your country, language, traditions, and culture. You should be able to spot false material about your country, or material that doesn't make sense, or may have been copied. You should be a citizen of the country you wish to moderate.

Fairness: Do you know the difference between constructive criticism and harassment? Do you know how to be both fair and firm? Are you okay with the fact that many people will disagree and criticize all various politics, religions, and cultures? You will need to set aside your own personal beliefs to have this role.

As a moderator, you will be need to be passionate, knowledgeable, and fair to all of the articles submitted to your country. You will have to act as an impartial judge, and as a gate-keeper to your community, and my Niches. If you think that you're up for the job, I would love for you to nominate yourself by clicking on the Niches above.

I do not discriminate against sex, color, or creed. It is my hope that there will be both male, female, or LGBTQ candidates for all of the countries.

I look forward to seeing your nomination!!!   

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