KuCoin is hosting a competition on Telegram, and Narrative is in the running! Your vote will really make a difference, so please take a moment to share the love for Narrative. (And watch us rise up the ranks!)

The winning project will receive a free listing on KuCoin, and the users that voted for the winning project will receive some of the project's tokens. 

The competition will run through July 15th 18.00 UTC+8, and you can only vote once per project.

Here's how you can help Narrative rise to the top:

1. If you haven’t done so, make sure you sign-up on KuCoin (It's a quick, easy process) 

2. Click @Voting_KuCoin_Bot and send a message; the bot will give you all the instructions you need automatically.

3. Answer the questions the bot sends you in private message, you will be              asked the following:
           a. What is Your KuCoin Account Email Address: (use email that you                           registered with)
           b. Project Name You Want To Get Listed (spell the name in full, DON'T                     USE THE TICKER): (Be sure to use the name Narrative here)
           c. What Is Special About This Project, Why Should It Be Listed On the                          Exchange: (Example: NRVE is the currency of the new content                                 economy in Narrative.)

That's it! Happy voting, and thanks for your support.


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Position 156, with 79 votes for Narrative.

We're gaining ground...

Calling on the next batch of community members...

@a4illusionist@acriacao@Akshay Shinde, @Alex Shepherd@Amit Bhurke@Andre Xavier@Andreas Hauser@Andrés@andrew pshelensky@arajpoot 

In this moment, I solemnly ask you to:

"... ask not what Narrative can do for you, ask what you can do for Narrative ... "

The answer is currently - please vote for Narrative to get listed on Kucoin and check in here to let us know you heard our call...


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