We deployed an update to Narrative Alpha that includes the Network Stats feature. See Melanie's blog that walks you through this new feature. 

Also, note there is now How to Get  Started button on the Alpha Home page. This is where we can easily guide you through what you can do in the Alpha at this point in time. We will update this for each release moving forward. 

Next up…reputation.


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I voted a bunch of them today, but here's some (perhaps misplaced) suggestions to make voting easier:

1: Make Approvals that you haven't yet voted on move to the top of the list while logged in. You can always opt to follow the Approvals you already voted on but might like to revisit later.

2: Make it so that comments are able to be previewed from the Approvals overview page, as they often contain the said information from members with insight on the niches topic and why it should be approved or rejected in their eyes.

I know a lot of information is present on the overview already, but I'm certain the comments can be made a dropdown box available from the little comment button.

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