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I know there is ongoing discussion on the quality of Niches. Good discussion that we are reading and digesting…and we have continued to make some tweaks to how things work along the way.  That is the point of having the Alpha.    The passion on wanting to make this a good quality platform is great - and hopefully will translate to a really large community soon! 

As I have posted prior,  those members who have been with us awhile in the Alpha - have certainly experienced the difference in quality of Niche suggestions.  When we have new members join us, there is a learning curve.  Recently, we updated all our guidance (new button on home page with Getting Started) to make sure that new members understand that when they come aboard that the work in Alpha is not test data - it is real live data that will be used when we launch the Beta.  For the record, a lot of members who have purchased Niches have tightened and cleaned up their Niche descriptions.  As we get closer to the Beta, I expect an uptick in this behavior. After all, Niche owners are incentivized to make sure their Niche is easily understood.  

One of the key tenants of Narrative is that it is governed by the people.  Niches are voted on by the  Narrative Community.  The Tribunal is set up to arbitrate potential violations or issues…and is not intended to pass judgement on the quality of the Niche as described.   According to our spec, when you appeal a Niche, you should:

  • Provide a reason for the appeal (choosing from specific options only - duplicate niche; violation of terms; typographic issues - spelling/grammar/language; etc. ), if appealing to reject a niche.
  • Provide a description that summarizes the reason for the appeal
  • If appealed on the grounds that the niche is a duplicate, the appealer must also provide the name of the other niche that is being duplicated so that the Tribunal can properly compare.

Please keep this in mind when you appeal Niches that have already been approved. 

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