Thanks for posting this as a discussion topic also. I saw the appeal, and wanted to comment on it too, but couldn't figure out how to do that:appeal-request

I saw the Vote Tally was "0" and clicked on the tab. But, it looked like all members of the Tribunal had voted "No" on the appeal. Language and Layout is funny that way:


I think that column of Tribunal members could either just say "Tribunal Members" or "Undecided" or "Out To Lunch" or something 


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After looking at the review page again, I had an "a-ha" moment. 

@carlos proposed that Niche, but it was rejected by the community (erroneously I might add). This information sheds new light on how I've been interpreting his participation in the Niche approval voting.

It's hard being the guinea pigs of the untried and untested Niche Ballot system. There are obvious hiccups in the system, and those will likely be resolved as this grows... or it will just grow into a larger problem. Unfortunately for Carlos, voters didn't understand how "Oil or Life" could be a Niche, despite it not violating any of the criteria, and—combined with a language barrier—his early enthusiasm was met with the big, soggy wet blanket that is the uneducated Niche voter.

Carlos, hang in there. I think things will balance out and all will be well. You've got my support anyway!

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