@MOLLY O - there is a niche you have voted to approve, that references the suggester in the description:

"This niche is about an area that I'm passionate about, intellectual property, which encompasses patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets etc."


Up until now, we have quite consistently voted down such niches - and I think it is optimal to do so.  Users, especially new users, could easily become confused about what the niche is for: is it a public space where everyone can submit, or is it some sort of private space dedicated the niche owner has made visible to all... or some other complicated setup?  Best to avoid any source of such confusion, no?

Any thoughts?



Original Post

You have a good point….I didn't really read this as this was the suggesters Niche — unlike others that have been more blatant. But, I can read it that way now. I do really like the Niche topic and how it is described (absent the first part of the first sentence).  Thanks for flagging it for me. 

So do I!  It is a fantastic niche.

I've updated my comment to specifically encourage the suggester to suggest again!

The suggester actually beat me to it:  I was going to suggest a copyright niche.  But come to think of it, copyright is more specific than intellectual property so I will probably still suggest it.


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