I was asked the following question by a G+ user today, about Narrative:

Does your social network service allow a user to hide community memberships, and posts in communities in which the user is a member, from the user's main circle?

That's G+ speak for: will everyone be able to see what niches you are a follower of, and will everyone be able to see all your posts by looking at your profile?

That's an approximate translation, considering G+ circles are a social networking component that Narrative has no equivalent for, and apparently no plans to implement.  (This lack of a strongly social component to the Narrative paradigm may prove to be disappointing to many, and could be a hurdle to widespread adoption).

These privacy related questions are interesting to discuss, so that we are all clear about the choices Narrative makes in this respect, and why it makes them.

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Hi Malk,

In Narrative all posts are public.  There is no concept of private posts.  Everything you post is out there to be seen.

Now, as to which Niches you're following, that's different, and is part of your Member Profile. Right now there is no way for anyone to view what Niches another individual is following, what other Members they may be following.  As we move along though, visibility of some of those things will become options that you as a Member will to able to decide. You'll be able to allow others to view what you follow, you'll be able to allow others to see who follows you and who you follow. 

You can refer to the spec and see what elements of your profile are public, what is private, and what is your choice under Member Profile.  The profile elements and then the settings are discussed in that link.

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