I think this is something that hasn't been covered yet, but what is the algorithm going to look like for paying out content providers, niche owners etc.?

Is this something the community gets to vote on?

This has to be the most important part about Narrative. If the algorithm pays out too much, too early, most of the rewards are spent and there's no incentive for people to keep posting content. On the other hand, if rewards are paid out too slowly, this can also put people off posting. 

I personally prefer the latter over the former.

It would be interesting to find out how this algorithm will work. That way the market will be able to more easily determine the value of a niche. 

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The rewards are paid out monthly, according to the percentages outlined in the white paper, to start (about page 17): https://assets.narrative.netwo...arrative-network.pdf. There is also a lot more detail about the formulas for various reward recipients.

However, the community will be able to vote to adjust the payout percentages (the one exception being the hard 15% paid to Narrative organization to keep the lights on).

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