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I'd like us to put forth some ways to help the @Narrative Network Team increase niche moderator uptake.  There are a relatively small amount of moderators nominated for the niche elections at present, and we want as many niches as possible to have moderators when the platform launches, naturally.  Moderator scarcity could be a strong limiting factor for platform growth once the Beta launches.

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First item: please add the number of moderators, and number of open moderator positions?  Otherwise we won't be able to track our progress with this task.

The opportunity of redundant niches

Every time a person proposes a niche that ends up being redundant, we should be explicitly alerting them to the option of becoming a moderator on the existing niche.

For instance, someone recently proposed the Family Life niche.

It is on track to be rejected because it is redundant: the Family niche already exists the Family Life one does not seem to add much dimension.

If you look at the Family niche - the existing, approved niche - it has zero moderators.  If the proposer (@iamthenerd) of the seemingly doomed Family Life niche has a genuine interest in the subject, being a moderator in the approved Family niche would be a meaningful way for him to be involved both on a content level and a financial one.

More opportunity

There's another opportunity around the corner, but I will abstain from mentioning it for now out of respect for another community member who is the person who brought it to my attention, and I think she might be getting around to engaging the community and team about it shortly.

I hope yet other community members will have ideas to contribute!

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Yes, those suggestions are great. 
For attracting moderators, a clear flow chart showing what they do and what they get for doing it will help. That flow chart should show single or multiple moderators paths. Rewards and responsibilities work well for most people. 

Melanie Mathos posted:

Great ideas, all! We're reviewing, please keep them coming. We're also working on a blogpost to break down the value proposition for being a Niche Moderator. Stay tuned... 

Fantastic - may the Muses be with you in your brainstorming and reviews!

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