Hello all,

I'm looking for a hack to allow serialized content, or for several Narrators to contribute to a collection of content.  Anyone else wanting to do this at some point?  Seems like something that people would want to use quite often, and it helps people find content.  Read one piece on something you like?  Nothing more natural than to want to read the rest of the pieces of the series or collection.  Result: engagement with Narrative content grows.

The first thought was, what if we all name our content destined for that collection with the same title?

The collection I'm starting is called Curing Xenophobia, and I want others to share their stories about powerful moments they have witnessed, or approaches they feel are effective.

So what if we all called out pieces Curing Xenophobia, and then differentiated them by giving unique subtitles?

First of all - can this work technically?  @Narrative Network Team: is there a requirement for titles to be unique?  I doubt it, but I thought it prudent to ask.

Second thought is, of course, that we should end up with serialized content and collections functionality so that this becomes bullet proof and smooth...  

Any thoughts from the community and team?

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