Quick question. I could ask it on telegram, but i am thinking others may want to know the answer too.


Can a niche decide that they won't accept R rated content? I have a niche that could potentially have R rated submissions, but i want my entire niche to be available to everyone. Please let me know before Beta goes live, because  I mentioned it in a post.

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MichelleG posted:

Surely there can be PG and R rated versions of the same niche. 

However, what I actually thing should eventually happen here is that active niche subscribers can vote on restrictions.

If that is the case, then all moderators must be over 18 then by default. What mechanisms are in place to ensure that. 

MichelleG posted:

They'd have to be over 18 for R rated niches anyway.

That means KYC.

Unless we end up abandoning the needing KYC to view R material requirement. 

It IS rather strict AND non-standard. 

Yes, but your respond swings it right back around to what I asked. Can you make your niche ONLY G rated. That is a preference I would like to have. You have suggested that we can have G and R ratings for the same niche. What if my moderators don't want to view R rated content. If we don't separate that idea that niches can determine the content rating then by proxy we are saying that all moderators have to be over 18 and they must be prepared to moderate nude photos. 

I don't now if I read anything on this, if i have I have forgotten the outcome. But I think this is important. I look forward to hearing the @Ted's clarification, as I have mentioned in a post that the niche is looking for G rated content only. I don't really want to split the niche into R rated and G rated.

Thinking some more about this - 

Only allowing G content doesn't stop mods from viewing inappropriately self-tagged content. 

And if some do and some don't permit other than G content, than like it or not niches are de facto split into R rated and G rated.

Personally, I don't mind saying I'm against linking the KYC to the ability to view self-styled adult content. But that could just be jetlag from having recently gone through the Facebook process for getting authorized to do political ads without a hassle.

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