Anybody else noticing how exponential we are opening up new rounds of 500 members to Alpha these days? A month ago it was taking about 10 days now we are getting closer to 4-5 days before we reach 500. This is so great, and very exciting.

Niches are getting approved much faster because we are usually reaching quorum in the three days set aside for voting. Good work everyone who is spreading the word about Narrative!

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Drixx Madison posted:

 But according to network stats we have 6,760 total members, which would mean each round of 25 didn't contain 500 members.

I noticed that too!! The conversion rate from signing up for the next round, to the actual unlocking of Narrative, to setting up the actual profile needs to be improved upon. Perhaps more marketing on the email reminder to build more hype that people are about to be let into the platform. Something needs to be enticing to get people to actually come to the platform once the round has opened up to them. @Melanie Mathos??

We are pretty pleased with the amount of people who have signed up in these early days-it takes a lot of vision and a touch of early adopteritis to help build something. (As you know!) 

We've taken this opportunity during the Alpha period to strategically test out some marketing channels in preparation for our beta launch. We've been able to prove and improve upon our Cost Per Acquisition, which has been great.

When we launched the Claim Your Spot campaign, we committed to email smartly and not barrage the people who raised their hands. Many of them have opted into our newsletter (23k+ and growing) and we anticipate they will become more engaged once the beta is live.

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