Dear team, I have read the previous topics slightly dealing with referrals and rewards https://community.narrative.or...t-payment-processing

If I understand correctly, rewards, referrals and incentives start not before the release of the Beta, which is scheduled for March. I have looked at the referrals top list and it seems to me that most people listed there have more or less stopped pushing the referrals as there are no real incentives for them at the moment. Wouldn't it be wise to grant them some additional benefits to make use of the following 2 months in order to increase the member base before the Beta starts? Or do referrals at the Alpha stage count as much as in the Beta stage and are also eligible for the 10 mio referrals/rewards tokens which are scheduled to be distributed later this year?

Besides that, I think I read somewhere that one gets 9 NRVE for each referral (9 Cents at current prices). Thank you for clarification!



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It is a little confusing because of the history of how referrals evolved.

Initially, there was only the Alpha referral rewards - as you point out - 9 NRVE per referral.  For many people, this is not much of an economic incentive and I think many of the people making referrals are doing so simply because they believe in the platform rather than for monetary gain.

Then recently, the Team decided to dedicate some of NRVE that will be unlocked after Beta Launch, to what I can only assume will be an expanded referral program.  Perhaps with higher NRVE incentives.  The question that is probably on their minds is: how much is a new member worth to us in the critical growth stage of the first month?  The second month? Months 3 to 6?  Second year of operations?

The top 10 referrers may not be growing their referrals anymore simply because they have done all the outreach they can think of doing, and are coming up against the law of diminishing returns.

I only referred 9 people in the first few months of the referral program.  It is only recently that I've started putting a bit more effort into trying to help Google + communities discover Narrative.  Check out the G+ Narrative community here:

I don't care about the NRVE rewards, but I love this project and would like to see it grow.

Hi Malcolm, thank you for your reply! Dont get me wrong, my personal focus is neither on maximizing the amount of NRVE gained by referrals, this would be far too time-consuming I guess.

But if there is a substantial mismatch between now, January and the start of the Beta, March, some people might delay their referrals until then because that way they can acquire more NRVE which might not be beneficial for the growth strategy of the project.

In my opinion, the overall rewards strategy should be balanced (but not equal) between those providing content and those who help finding new members and it is very important that people know the relevant distribution criteria, especially for members of poorer developing countries who might see this as an additional income stream.

I agree!

And I didn't suspect you of chasing NRVE!  Just sharing my opinion of what might be currently motivating many of the referrals.

I'm not 100 percent sure what the Team sees as the ideal adoption rate right now.  It is possible that they don't particularly need the platform to grow much more before launch, and are hoping to accelerate growth at that time.  They might have an ideal target for membership numbers for each stage of their release schedule of feature, leading up until Beta Launch.  That is how I would be doing it, and it is a common sense approach.

So if that is what they are doing, I can only assume they will tweak their advertising, and potentially other things including referral rewards, if they find they are falling short of their ideal targets for each stage.

Personally, I think it is only once content drafting is in place that it makes sense to grow faster than we are growing now.  That feature is scheduled to be released this month (January 2019).  It is with that feature in place, that every new member will translate into more content on the network at launch time.  Right now, we have a large amount of niches, and enough voters that many niches approvals are being determined in a single three day round of voting, so no huge need for greater numbers until content drafting, in my opinion.

But then again, this may be a situation where more people is simply better, even now.  There is certainly an argument to be made in that direction - but not sure if the Team will feel it is strong enough to divert effort from their development priorities.  Who knows!  Great that we're here hashing it out for them to pick over and see if there is anything they have missed!

I'm glad we have you with us!

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