Hey everyone-

There is currently a bug in our reputation system that is improperly rewarding/demeriting some actions. Basically, we accidentally reversed a couple of things so that in some cases negative actions are increasing someone's reputation and, conversely, positive actions are hurting someone's reputation. That's not good.

This is not impacting everyone, because it is only a certain part of the reputation formula that is working improperly, but it's obviously a pretty major bug.

Of course, we are not enforcing a "Low Rep" status currently, so no one is being harmed by this bug, other than that their Reputation Scores are not accurate.

We plan to fix that sometime next month, when we release our member certification (aka, "KYC") program. 

We've also been making some improvements to the overall reputation formula and those changes will be rolled out concurrently with the bug fix next month, as well.  I'll go into more details about those changes once we get closer to that release.

Original Post

I have a question about reputation. Why does a new user start with low (zero) reputation? Shouldn't they start with medium/neutral reputation instead? And then it can go up or down based on the activity. 

I know in the alpha version no low reputation restrictions are enforced. But once they are enforced how a new user could even gain any reputation if they cannot do anything because of low rep restrictions?

That's something I know I hadn't thought of, Ivan. That's a good question. Although I do know that verifying that you're a real person gives a not-insignificant amount of reputation in and of itself, which is one reason why we've all got low rep right now since we can't do that part yet. It would make a lot more sense to start people out at the threshold for "low rep" where they'd only dip underneath if they accrued negative rep points. But we just don't know enough about how the rep system will work once all systems are go... I'd like to hear from Narrative staff about your concern.

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