Reputation Formula Transparency

Cryptofornicator posted:

With this system, a group of users can make a vendetta against another, voting it negative.
My reputation goes down because I do not spend 24 hours here or I do not like someone, because of something I said.

Apparently, they do not want me here.

You won't have to worry about that. Reputation is actually the key to prevent mob behavior from having influence. Bad actors will have little impact as the impact of voting and rating is influenced by Reputation, and that must be earned. And, content rating is just one aspect of determining your score:

David Dreezer posted:

The hope is that you will be using the squinting eye of doom while it is under development, not after.  

In that case though, you'd have to send me over an NDA and the algos. But don't do that. Because seriously, there's no substitute for real world testing. Even my squinting eye of doom. 

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