Today, we introduced Reputation scores in the Narrative Alpha. Reputation is the key to ensuring a quality experience on Narrative. By correlating reputation with actions, the influence anyone has in the network is always dependent on the established reputation that each has earned. Through this system, ratings and votes are always weighted by the reputation of each participant. We can’t give away all the "secret sauce" but if you want to learn more about how and why reputation is computed in Narrative, read here and here.

Reputation scores may impact the ability of members to perform certain functions, however, during the Alpha period, we will not enforce the Low Rep status that restricts some activities. In fact, in the Alpha, we expect Reputation scores to be low.  This is because there is only a limited amount of activities you can do right now that will have a big impact…especially because the content creation and KYC/verified human identity  are not yet available.  Please don't worry about having a low score during the Alpha!  As we roll out new features, the ability to improve your Reputation will be there. 

You will find your own Reputation in your profile page. You will also see it embedded in things like Niche voting.  

Next up is content drafting - and we have a good start on it already!  

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Congratulations!  One huge step for Narrative-kind!

And of course it is great news to hear you already have a good start on content drafting: that alone is a nice Christmas gift to all of us - the mere knowledge you're not too far off.

I did not see your post here because I was looking in the Platform section rather than News - so you'll find a thread I posted in that section, with some thoughts about reputation algorithms, with regards to how to value and not discourage outliers.

Just wanted to observe what I imagine many others are also noticing: a great uptick in the pace of voting, attributable, I am certain, to the launched reputation system.

I think that's probably the most pertinent metric of success of the rep system in these earliest of moments of it being live.  It is having a strong stimulating effect on positive actions on the network.  Without any raw data, I'd estimate voting has tripled in pace.  Good niche suggestions are getting upvoted so fast they could almost be validated in one single countdown period, whereas previously they required three-ish.

In theory now, each new alpha member will be more inclined to vote, and will also be more likely to become aware of the reputation incentive than people who joined months ago and may not be visiting the alpha anymore because they thought they were only interested in the content functionality that is still around the corner.  So we should see an on-going, gentle increase in voting, after the initial boost of the rep launch wears off.  So says my crystal ball.

Christina Gleason posted:

Yes, I got several "your niche has been approved messages" all in a row yesterday. It was great, after them being recycled through the system several times!

Dare we to imagine a day when niche approvals will take mere hours... perhaps even minutes.  I wonder how many active users mindful of the benefits of a good reputation it would take for that to happen...  30,000?  50,000?  It probably won't take too long to reach this momentum.  I'd be very surprised if we're not well beyond that point by the end of 2019.

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