I don't want to say categorically that you will never need to create another set of credentials, but we definitely want to avoid that situation. Ideal scenario is that your login for Chaucer is preserved through to the beta, or if we can't do that, then we set up some kind of single sign on for you.

mrgoodsett posted:

I just wanted to know if there will be any more Narrative sites to sign up for? We have signed up for the community and Chaucer so far, we will have to sign anew for the beta? or personal journals? etc.

i doubt we have to sign up for a new account for beta, since the allocations of the niches would have been done by then

The current registration system for the Narrative Alpha (Chaucer) is definitely a placeholder for the real thing that will be implemented later.  That means that you may need to convert your current alpha account to the a new system eventually, but it's too early to say what that process might be like at this time.  Certainly, nothing to worry about.  

Hello Core Team! So many of you on this post. I think you must have come up for air...no doubt busting a hump these days.

Will the community platform continue separately or will they merge in Q4? And how will the reputation metrics earned on the community page now be ported over to our Chaucer accounts when we can start posting content. 

I think  the sooner these things can be merged before many new people join the better.

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