We've touched on the Rewards pool breakdown before and it's pretty straight forward.

Niche Owners: 10%
Niche Moderators: 6%
Content Creators: 60%

But what about overlap? I've been searching the forum and Medium posts but haven't seen anything definitive on how or if the Rewards pool gets broken down in different scenarios.

Can a niche owner post in a niche they own? Would they be entitled to a portion of both Niche Owner and Content Creator rewards pools (70%), or would this be reduced?

Can you post in a Niche that you Moderate and participate in the Content Creator and Moderator Rewards pools?

It would be disheartening to not be able to at least post on a topic you moderate or own, being that you pitched yourself on a subject you have great interest in.

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This is an extremely important point, thanks for bringing it up! Actually, I assumed without a second thought that of course, you could post in niches you own or moderate but now when you put it like that, I'm not so sure if it's that so obvious - and I would love to hear from the @Narrative team with the definitive answers before I buy any niches or get chosen as a mod for anything. My primary reason for being here is writing and if owning a niche I'm passionate about would prevent me from writing on this topic, it would have been a really bad decision. 

But I hope I assumed correctly and we can write for niches owned by us and/or moderated by us?

I asked about moderating a niche you own. You can totally do it...but you do NOT get the additional 6% moderator rewards for it. I assume this means that your own cut of the mod rewards would be split among your other moderators. I'm cool with this arrangement because I just want Lead Mod privileges to help guide the other mods.

Just to weigh in from the team....yes, you can post in any Niche, whether you own it or not.

You can also generally receive rewards from multiple slices of the rewards pie (for example, Niche owner rewards, and content creator rewards).

One exception is that, if you are moderating a niche that you own, you can't get moderator rewards for that niche.

Great job with the answers, @Christina Gleason!

Drixx Madison posted:

Hi @Rosemary. Thought of another question that still pertains to this thread. What happens when an old post that has already received Reward Points takes on new life? Is it a one and done situation, or can we receive an additional payout should the post receive a flood of activity in say 6 months?

Hi @Drixx Madison your posts will continue earning revenue as long as they are live. From the spec, Content Creator rewards are calculated for: "content that had activity in the month, with activity being defined as comments, views, likes/dislikes, and more."

So absolutely, you'll want to re-promote your existing content on social, and other outlets.

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