Thank You for supporting and voting. I appreciate your efforts to build this community. I feel strongly about empowering the user and feel this project does just that. I am excited to own my niche limit and that all of them motivate me to build a unique space within our platform. I have a lot of experience and will be sharing my opinions and insights on Many niche topics and will appreciate any and All voices shared, or different than my own are welcome.

Some things about me are that i live in both Costa Rica and the USA, I teach Kindergarten, I love to paddle-board and the music of Phish. I have been active in my niche areas for many years in different ways as a professional as well as hobbyist and can not wait to get started. I hope to create an open, honest, respectful place of knowledge sharing and information and fun. Thank you again for your support throughout this voting process and message me with anything as we move along that i can help with. Thank You 

Satoshi's Original Vision
Marijuana strains, concentrates , cultivation, medical benefits, and more
Price speculation, buy & hold, day trading, short selling, technical analysis, and exchange listings on all crypto assets.
A place to buy or sell anything through a community escrow system.
Not a Vlog, But rather a place to post Music Videos, Live Concert Videos, Live Streaming Videos, Funny Animal Videos, Gaming Videos, People Fails, Gif's, Time Lapse, Sensory Videos and more!


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@mrgoodsett thanks for the question. Yes i see how bitcoin talk does it with trusted community moderators and escrows for certain items. Crypto trades can happen very easily with a community escrow. Also the buyer and seller can user an outside escrow like, which i have used for miner sales.  Also for small things it will be on honor and trust point system, people will get awarded points for completion of a sale or for being an escrow.  We can also have artists who want to put up some art through silent auction and we can have moderators handle that as well.    so bitcoin talk type system with links to 3ed party auctions on ebay as well if they really Want to pay high fees. 

Congratulations - some great niches there Christian.

As you know, I think the Video Vault niche is a dicey proposition because of how Narrative is being set up to function, but that question will get resolved in due course.  

In any event, I wish you every success, and I plan to contribute to your niches.

The marketplace niche is really interesting: seeing how it gets set up to function will probably be an inspiration to many other niches, and might set a great example of the potential for niches to have powerful functionality.

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