Thousands of Google+ group members are currently trying to decide where to relocate to.

Is the timing right to offer them an exciting new home, or is the Beta pushed too far back?

Is it worth creating niches for some of these groups and inviting them to the Alpha?  Like that they can make up their own mind?  I think it is worth it.

There is something to be said for upgrading to the next generation, rather than sideways, when one is forced to upgrade.  Narrative is shaping up to be an excellent option.

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Maybe. But 3 months is a lot of time to wait and they're clearly looking for options available right now. I'd say it's worth mentioning Narrative to them, so key figures in those communities can join the alpha and draft content to see if it's worth the wait.

After giving this some thought, I think the extinction of G+ is Narrative's single most important opportunity for robust growth, and I really hope the @Narrative Network Team devotes some resources towards it, and joins the conversation.

There are literally millions of users who are looking for the right platform to migrate to.  MeWe and Diaspora already have an advantage becoming their destination: they are fully operational, and many of the G+ communities have already opted for them, creating a bit of a trend.

I strongly believe Narrative should join the fray and convince some of these communities Narrative is worth potentially a small wait.  Our alpha is starting to be engaging enough for those who join it to see where Narrative is heading, and with content drafting, it will be a solid option for G+ members to be active here.

If we can embrace just 10% of G+ users in the coming months, that's about 600,000 users.  Think about it.

Growth momentum is the lifeblood of any platform at launch time, and it doesn't matter how incredible the platform is: if that growth momentum does not materialise, the result is stagnation.

Lets get creative and figure out the best way to onboard G+ refugees.  I hope to see other community members jump in the thread and pitch in on the effort.  I've been posting to Google+ communities since yesterday, with good results.

But again - this also has to be supported by the @Narrative Network Team.  A few community members aren't going to be able to do all the heavy lifting on their own.


@M We are looking at options for the best way to promote Narrative on Google+. I just saw your post on there - thank you. I also requested that we get on the list of Alternatives in the Google+ Mass Migration Community.  

Regarding the importer…you can add the suggestion on a Google+importer at [email protected] and we will classify as a suggestion.  

Quick note on Google + community quality.

I've been careful when posting about Narrative to specific topic communities on Google +, to only do so where I feel the community is receiving quality content.

For me that means any kind of value - originality, wit, humour, depth, insightfulness, informative... you name it.

Ask yourself if you feel the materials you see in that community are materials you feel would reflect Narrative's quality aspirations.

Another thought about quality: it might be good to message about this when reaching out to those communities, letting them know the content you are seeing from their community is of a quality Narrative wants.  It never hurts to let people know you appreciate them, and it is likely to make them feel they might belong here?


Seems like most of the Google+ communities lean towards Diaspora and MeWe as possible alternatives, and there's a lot of skepticism towards Blockchain-related projects. It's going to be a tough call, but let's see what the upcoming months will bring!

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