Just though I repeat here my Telegram question about the Organisation to share the responses and if anybody wanted to ship in. 

Question about the Narrative Organisation. How are they kept sharp after the launch? I mean, they will be responsible for the development of the product. This is something which is never ending... The 15% income is one thing. But will it be enough. And who has an impact on who resides in the Organisation?

In addition, has the community any leverage on the Organisation. 

Feedback from Michaël:

The is a good question and the right question. Long term viability is critical to keeping us sharp. One part of the anaswer is that community standards and growth are community-driven. Niches are owned by "content entrepreneurs" and community governance shapes the standard rather than a top down org. We hope that handles some of the overhead question and points a way to a long term economic madel. You may also be intrested in the Native part of the equation https://www.nativerewards.io/ Though Native is built into the Narrative platform, it will also be available for third parties needing a rewards engine for their customers.

And Ted:

the organization sets the development agenda... but that said, there will be a council that is represented by the community and the organization that exists to help refine that roadmap in the future


Original Post

I think that is a very good question. I do not see much of an issue overall due to the way narrative is setup with the org handling the infrastructure and marketing while the community handles how narrative functions day to day as well as how it evolves.

That being said what if the members of the org, being only 5 currently I believe, are all on the same plane as it’s sucked into the Bermuda Triangle? (Comedic relief as I don’t want to imagine an actual tragedy) Point being, what happens in the event that the people responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Narrative body suddenly disappear? How would the community survive? Would the tribunal members on the committee have the ability or knowledge of how to proceed with paying the bills?

As always, just some thoughts.

Just to give you guys some comfort level...we have no travel plans to the Bermuda Triangle area in the near future 

Also, Narrative will not be run out of someone's basement. This is an actual company that will have live staff and structure in a physical location (we're currently in hiring mode). Part of running a real business is having things like disaster plans, "key man" insurance, and continuity plans, so that the operation can continue if something unexpected happens. 

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