Narrators one and all,

Narrators big and small...

And there ends the attempts to rhyme, lest you come to think this will be the tone of the Politics niche: it won't be.  I won't be rhyming people into a quivering mess.  But it will be an inclusive niche, of course.  Small people and very large people will not be discriminated against - I really meant that.  

Please jump into this thread if you have an interest in politics, and intend to participate in the life of this niche.  Lets get to know each other a bit so that when the platform launches, we'll all be primed and ready to go.

If there are members who have an interest in moderating this niche, please introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about yourselves.  What life experience, and moderation/mediation experience might you bring to the role of moderator on this niche?  

Needless to say, the Politics niche may require more moderation, and more sensitive moderation, than the average niche.  It will probably also be a rewarding role.


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