Narrative has stuck to its guns

On transparency it has deliverd a clear visionary plan.

It truly is a community run by its users, so the power to make informed decisions is with them and some of the areas that a visible to all are

The actions by Moderators so they are accountable to the community and they know who they are.

New Niches that are approved, the community knows what's new and to be fully informed in what Niches are emerging and any possible duplication

Advertisements approval again so we know they fit in to the community

Material which effect child protection: Material which is or is not age appropriate it can be positioned accordingly

All earnings of users will be visible to all with charts and earnings to date and source of earnings plus much more like reputation %

You will know who is the owner of each brand and Niche and you can DM them.

The financial accounting of Narrative will be online each year.

Tribunal actions and its members.

This is power to the users which has much appeal to new and existing memebers, Ted has created a platform which is smooth elegant and transparent, which is what the future is about on the blockchain.

Harj x

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Agree. Not appropriate content should be banned with some code. For example if not appropriate  content receive determined  number of reports then system will ban this automatically... but even like this some large group of people could manipulate on network...  I think that it is crucial for Narrative that this is solved in a fair way. 

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