The "when exchange" questions

Here is a quick collection of responses to the Telegram queries that begin with the words "when exchange?"

1.  The Narrative project needs exchanges. That's why they are in our plans. 

NRVE is the currency of a new content economy and all fees, rewards, tips and advertising placements will use NRVE.  Clearly, people will need exchanges, especially when the full platform launches and the number of users grows.

Short version:  We ARE working hard to be listed.

2. Narrative operates according to US security laws. 

You saw more than a little legal fine print in the white paper!   The TLDR version is that NRVE is not an investment like a stock.  It's not a security; it's a utility token which is designed to be used in a social media platform (Narrative) as a smart currency.

Yes, you can break the law by treating NRVE like a security.

If we treat NRVE like a stock or refer to its holders as investors, it undermines our claims in the white paper.  You've seen the SEC shutting down projects for selling "unregistered securities" and taking people off to court.  We're in no danger there but we do take care how we handle NRVE talk.  It *is* being used in the Chaucer Alpha now and will be the core economy of the beta in Q4.

Short version: Narrative Ltd. cannot hype or speculate with NRVE.

3.  Listing on Exchanges takes time.  

Negotiations with exchanges are not quick nor entirely in our hands.

Medium to large level exchanges always take multiple *months to* list a token. The exchange decides the listing with the team having no say in it. There is considerable paperwork and due diligence involved in the process.

Short Version:  Patience rather than panic is the right way to wait for exchanges.

4. Cost matters too. 

We're careful with the money buyers put into the project.  Careful not to look like we're buying exchange space to pump NRVE as a security (see Section #2 on the SEC above)  and careful to use money wisely for the project. 

Take the example of $1M USD that a very popular exchange can charge.  That is 6 or 8 very top people.  Developers, marketers, salespeople, community managers. We choose between a short-term bump in NRVE liquidity and the long-term benefit to the Narrative platform.  

Short Version: We will make tradeoffs between the cost of listing NRVE and the cost of developing Narrative.

5.  We share News when it's real.

Back to #1.  We need exchanges as much as any buyer does to run the Narrative platform.  We're not dragging our feet and will announce new exchanges as they arrive. 

We don't comment on plans as a matter of prudence. Yes, you can break the law speculating about exchanges. You've seen how crazy things are in Telegram with the slightest rumor.  That's not fair to anyone so we keep the news quiet until it's firm.

Short Version:  When you see news here, you can trust that its real.

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