Being a Sunday morning, I thought a little parable was in order. 

A sower went out to sow. With a bag full of seeds, he threw them far and wide. They landed where they would.

Some fell to the side, exposed. Devoured by birds of the air, they had no chance.

Some fell in shallow soil on rocky ground. Eagerly they sprang forth flowering, but with no roots to fight the scorching sun did die just as quick.

Some fell in among the thorns. Though they grew, the thorns grew faster, and choked them where they stood, fruitless.

 Some fell on on the good ground. Roots sinking deep and multiplying,  produced 30, 60, 100 times the fruit the sower sowed.

Having a bag full of seeds may a luxury few possess. More often, we have just the handful, and sometimes even less than that. It's then, that the where we throw them, can make all the difference.

For the Financial Investor, this might mean picking the right place to sow; watching out for the hovering birds in the sky, avoiding shallow soil, and making sure sow in soil that is far from the weeds and thorns. 

For the Philosophical Investor, this might mean doing more than just sowing; putting up nets to repel the birds, tilling the earth and removing the rocks, and tending to the weeds and thorns before they have a chance to grow. 

For the Unicorn Investor, this means a little of both. Choosing the ground wisely and then tending to it to give the sown seeds the best chance of success.  

For real Unicorns... none of this matters. They can invent seeds with their minds and make things grow just by sprinkling some of their rainbow sauce on it.  

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Thank you Bryan comming from an ancestral line of farmers and the second in the family not to farm (first being my dad) I understand your point but sounds like a novice farmer your taking about wasting so much seed!lol but yes this is the start of somthing very special and your right finding this opportunity was lucky  but we are on this train now and we are the lucky ones!!! And im going to stick to it! im loving it! : )

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