I'm sure we all wish we could travel back in time to May 22, 2010, with the added foresight to discretely accept 10,000 BTC from our man L.H. in exchange for a couple pizzas. Who wouldn't? The advantage of hindsight turns missed opportunities into a sort of regret avoidance filter through which all Present and Future opportunity-decisions must pass. We fear missing the boat. And, we fear what we might miss if we make the boat. Hence, decision time

I was talking with my wife last night about the two type of investors, and their respective reasons for seeking NRV. As I waxed on and on (further impressing my wife with my thoughtful assessment on the world and everything in it), I identified the two investor profiles based on their activity, both here and on the Telegram thread.

Type 1: The ICO Wealth Investor 
This investor asks questions about KYC, ICO, or exchange timeline. Sometimes they ask about the organization or strategy, probing for predictors of ICO success/failure. Admin answers their questions, and then they generally drop from the thread.

Type 2: The Community Investor
This is the group in which I place myself. I see far fewer of these people on Telegram, asking questions about the community itself. Fewer still here on this community forum. This investor shares the vision of creating and contributing to a platform and economy backed by millions.  The more the platform grows the more valuable NRV becomes. In short, building the community/platform directly impacts the growth/value of the economy. NRV. This is a long-term investor. 

My wife calmly responded, "You left out the unicorns.

"What? What's a unicorn?", says I. 

"A magical creature that joins for both reasons" she says, raising an eyebrow, "like you. You're a unicorn."

So, I guess there's another type. One that doesn't fit neatly into my pre-made boxes. 

Type 3: The Unicorn Investor
This investor wants the cake and the right to eat it too. Or, to stick with my previous analogy, wants to both catch AND miss the boat. Only a magical creature can juxtapose itself in mutually exclusive states of existence. I want to be able to get tons of NRV when they aren't good for much more than buying a pizza... and I want to hold those NRV until the whole world catches crypto-fever and makes me a nervillionaire...? I have both short- and long-term hopes.

To the Type 1 Investor, your NRV might not be worth much when it hits an exchange. Since its value is based on the strength of the Narrative community, you would benefit from contributing to the community, investing in the community, to influence an increase on your return. 10,000 BTC wasn't worth $100M eight years ago, it was only worth a couple pizzas. Flipping BTC back then wouldn't have gotten you much more than an answer for "what's for dinner?

To the Type 2 Investor, your desire to build a new content economy is admirable. There is an opportunity to change the world. That is the boat that's leaving the dock. Staying behind doesn't mean it won't change, just that you won't be a part of that change. You are also going to have to contribute to the community, invest in the community—and it might take a while—before you see the New Content Economy firmly established. Then, maybe eight years from now, you'll be glad you were delivering pizzas all those years! 

To the Unicorns... same goes for you.

  • What type of investor are you?
  • What timeline are you using to measure your ROI?
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Great thread!

Like most people, I learned about Narrative because I was investing in cryptocurrencies.  But investing is not a significant part of who I am, and when I discovered Narrative, my interest in it was immediate, and had little to do with dreams of riches.

I think this is a sign Narrative has a winning attribute, if it can inspire this sort of response to it.  Success generally starts with passion, not the other way around.   

Narrative cannot succeed long term with only the crypto-investor, pump-and-dump type supporter.

But with the second type of investor - the community builder, and of course, the unicorns who want to build and prosper, the formula is correct.  Passion first, then eventually success.

The creators of the platform seem to understand this well, and there are enough initial members and founders here who seem to understand this, that I feel we're getting off to a great start.


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