It's pretty satisfying to come across an article like Reinventing:  The Social Network by Jesse Seaver   He managed to sum up the Narrative network pitch as well as I've seen it anywhere

Of course it's because he's  a smart journalist and that's his job.  But more, it works because he tapped into that gnawing concern about Social Media.  So big, so powerful, so tied into all we do and what we decide.  From the scourge of fake news, to growing unhappiness among the young who use it most, to the strip mining of our personal data for corporate profits -- there's a growing conviction the old model has to change.

Here we are generating zillions of hours, posts, likes.

Your thoughts, opinions, viewpoints, passions, likes, and dislikes - all combined into a massive trove of actionable data that is now proving to be a profitable platform for advertising and growth... our words, your photos, your songs, and your ideas are the currency.

What if we could make a real currency for this treasure trove of  community activity?  Take what you do on social media every day and multiply it by a billion or so.  What if instead of shipping it off to the head office for the shareholders,  WE are the shareholders and the currency is ours to earn, to spend and to give? 

Why did Seaver's article click?

Because it's time to flip the script on how the content economy works.  I think millions of people are ready to jump onto a platform they own rather than spending any longer on a platform that wants to own them.  It's not the tech or the marketing that will turn the tide for the Narrative project,  its the millions who are fed up the old #contenteconomy and long for what the world wide web promised us in the beginning.

Our coin is the NRV and we joke about how to pronouce it.  One sounds like a bible version.  I'm pumping for the one with the defiance.  

You've got NRV!   [nə́rv]

What we're looking for is a new kind of content economy. So we're looking for people who've got nerve  -- or NRV,  no matter how you say it.

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@Rushikesh "NVR"—or never—is something totally different!

@Michael Farris ideascurrency. this.

Also, one crazy example of an early form of monetizing a "sort of" social network that the article doesn't mention is Second Life. From their wikipedia page:

In 2015 alone, Second Life users had cashed out approximately $60,000,000 (60 million US dollar) and Second Life had an estimated GDP of $500,000,000 (500 million US dollar), higher than some small countries.

A friend of mine (or rather his avatar) wrote a few articles for a SL Fashion magazine, that you could only get in SL, and was about SL avatar fashion... I also remember reading an article in the early days of SL about a woman who sold virtual real estate in SL and made $150,000 USD in one year! That's bananas.

Of course, you never knew WHO you were dealing with in Second Life. A 60' tall fox with dragon wings named Scadzillox47 doesn't translate into reality. 

Thanks for the post Mic and yes the old is falling and new models are being created as we speak and Narrative is right on it. I can see this model is picking up fast! starting with Steemit and a few others but more will come and the competition will be tough.

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