I don't mean to pick on this niche - I think there is a viable niche there.

The problem is with the current description: 

Share opinions and views on the top stories in the news and current affairs.


Are we to understand that the niche mods will take it upon themselves to curate a Top 10, Top 20, or Top 50 of what they consider to be the biggest stories?  

If so, then I would have voted Yes.

But currently, the description leaves it open to interpretation and does not specify that there will be well-defined selection process of the materials submitted to them, that in some pre-established way, limits the numbers of what will be considered a "Top" news item.

Without that, it is possible that the niche owner simply intends to encourage the discussion of big news, but doesn't realise that without a formal process to define what the Top News is, his niche is just like the News niche, but with a bit of hyperbole thrown in with it.

I wish the niche proposer could change the description to clarify this, but the system does not allow this.  

Can we do something to make clear to folks that as long as the current system is in place, niche proposers will really need to put some care into the descriptions they give, to make clear how their niche is distinctive enough to merit existing alongside other similar niches?

Meanwhile, the only safe option a Narrator has is to vote No on this niche.  If we vote yes, and the Niche owner in fact does not plan to curate a limited list of news stories, then we'll end up with a redundant niche on our hands.

Original Post

I think vaguely conceived Niches like this one are composed from a "hey, people might bid on this one" point of view. The suggester has no intention of owning "Top of the news niche". The fact that they included "niche" into the title further proves, to me, that they don't know what they're doing. 

Prediction: This Niche, if approved, will sit in the No Bids list for perpetuity. Or, it will be bought for a minimum bid and die on the vine for lack of moderators and attractive content. 

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