Angry Twitter

You don't agree with my liberalism? You must be a white supremacist neo-nazi.

You don't support Trump? You must be an anti-democratic, unpatriotic fake-news-reading libtard.

Do these extremes sound familiar?

While MySpace died from a lack of technical evolution to their platform, Twitter is dying from abuse. Just thought I'd open up a discussion as to the importance of (perhaps 'hiring' and 'firing') moderators, and how Narrative might try to avoid the negativity trap that Twitter has fallen into.

It's inevitable that moderators will be biased and make mistakes, so there has to be a robust and fair system in place to deal with that. Democracy means hearing things that we don't always agree with, inevitably this leads to a controversy between freedom of opinion and censorship.

Here's a great article I wanted to share on the issue:


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@Michael - the lack of abuse is what makes Quora so good.

The moderation there has managed to weed out almost all of the abuse and a lot of the snark.  This raises the level of quality remarkably by encouraging those who are there for real exchanges to stick around and participate more, but also, it simply allows the quality to shine because it isn't mired with a sea of insults and obtuseness.

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