I have a lot of ideas for new niches and I generally suggest one a day. All of them get approved in the required time of 3 days. Two of them, however, got stuck in the system somehow. 3 days passed and they are still in the queue (both with 100% approval rate though).

https://alpha.narrative.org/hq...al/31576334041314892 - this one is meant to be out of the queue in 4 hours (but it was suggested on 22 Jan)

https://alpha.narrative.org/hq...al/31435596528929870 - this one still has one day left, despite being suggested on 23 Jan

Niches I suggested on 24 and 25 were already approved and the next one, "Prague", suggested on 26 Jan is higher up in the queue than "Ozora festival" that preceded it.

Does anyone understand what's going on?

Not that it bothers me but I'm curious. Is it a glitch?

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Chances are this is because of a feature of the system which is now 'hidden'.

The system requires at least 20 votes for an approval to go through, and if those votes aren't all in after 3 days, the clock resets for another 3 day round.

The interface used to show how many votes received, but for some reason they decided to remove that display.

It would really help to bring it back, and have it say 16 out of 20 votes received, or something like that.

You're not the first to ask, and probably not the last... so that's a sure sign we're confusing people with this, and it can easily be fixed.  @Narrative Network Team ?

I meant (and I think @Malkazoid meant the same) that it would be useful to know that 20 votes were required in the first place. Now this niche has 22 but before it for example had 16 - so the count was saying "16 votes". But I didn't know that 20 was the minimum so I was thinking along the line: "16 people voted up, why is this niche still in the queue?"

I hope it's clearer now

I see. Yes, you're right.  I'll ask. 

It's in the spec, but not on the Alpha itself.  

This voting period lasts for 72 hours. Narrators vote up to approve and down to reject.

The review period will end after 72 hours, unless 20 votes have not been recorded. The review period will extend at 72 hour intervals until a minimum of 20 votes have been recorded.
After the review period expires, the niche will be considered approved if more than 50% of the reputation-adjusted votes were to approve; otherwise it will be rejected.

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