Will I be able to re-sell my Niche?

Yes. This is the way the Niche reselling process is going to work:

  1. Niche owner decides he/she doesn’t want to own the Niche any longer, for any reason.
  2. Niche owner submits their Niche to public auction for the community, and has the ability to set a minimum starting bid.
  3. The auction timer starts immediately when the Niche hits the auction block. It stays available for 30 days.
  4. Once the Niche is successfully auctioned, the original Niche owner receives 95% of the auction price, and the Narrative Rewards Pool receives 5%. If no-one purchases the Niche during the auction period, it remains with the original owner.

Niches cannot be put up for auction within 45 days of the renewal date (to avoid collision with the renewal fee process).

When a Niche has been auctioned, the renewal date remains the same; therefore, the new Niche owner will be responsible for the renewal fee on the same schedule.

Note that the entire history of the Niche will always be visible, including earnings, activity, etc., so the prospective bidders will have all of the information they need to make an informed bidding decision.

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