I think this is a worry for all minnows like myself all round esspecially as the alpha process gets nearer, I had a dream that I won my Niche but then reality hit home was it a nightmare that it might not happen (( !

Firstly its the process which you guys have done a great job to explain but still its unclear how it will all works at alpha.

Secondly how many founders are there ? I appreciate the support the founders are doing for us but I think Minnows are still scared that they will be left with there best ideas taken and left with crumbs which will take the majority of the Minnows NRVE tokens in the bidding process,  take me as a example I have 3k NRVE will that even win in a bid ??? : (

All worries and Nighmares!

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I think you can look at the record of auctions and see that lots of patrons have picked up niches for affordable prices.  To me, this means the whales are not swallowing up the opportunities.  In fact, Some of the minnow suggestions are at least as clever as any of the Founders' niches from the first week.

All that being said, we did sell those early larger contributors with the incentive they would have first dibs of niches.

So far, I think the fears of a whale  tsunami have not come about.

I was worried about that at first too. What would be left over. Today I am not at all worried. There are so many interesting niches selected that I think many people are motivated by their passions versus the big money makers.

I also think that there is still a tremendous amount of niches still available, and there are plenty of niche topics that have not even been invented yet. What i mean is that every day our world invents new things, activities, trends and hobbies that develop overnight and have viral adoption.

I think a bigger question is can people turn some of these niches into viable content products with regular contributors and readers. Time will tell.


Harj posted:

it turned out to be a beautiful dream and I got amazing niches!! wow! ))) Now the hard work begins on making Narrative great!

I just watched your youtube vid from today. Yes good Niches. Isn't Germany the next language that gets introduced? I think so...smart on you!

Madhanic posted:

This still the very early phase of Narrative! There are still tonns of niches available!

I wonder how the scene would change lets say 1-2 years in the future, and if narrative becomes mainstream! By then it would be even tougher to get a nich

but the brightside is that niches will have established audiences, so becoming a content contributor to the niches will be more ideal. Niche Ownership isn't everything.

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