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I hope to have a Niche that may (hopefully not) have the occassional Trolling commentor. I know that there is other Niches in existence that also may suffer similar intolerant negativity. 

I know that it has been clearly stated that Narrative is not interested in censorship, but what is the policy of Hate speech and comment harassment. Is there a way for us to delete mean spirited comments in the way the a channel owner on Youtube can delete what they do not want to be public. 

I know that one method is to have a community vote, but this doesn't feel right to me because you subject the contributor to yet another level of degrade. 

Is there also a way for it to get reported and the person gets reputation points removed?

In otherwords, can a niche still be a safe place for contributors. 

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So pages 27-29 touch on this but might not be explicit enough on this particular question.

There is this on page 28 under the Human Moderation subsection:

"2. Human Moderation All Niche and Brand channels have their own moderators, responsible for policing and curating the content within their channels. Each Narrator also acts as personal moderator for their own Journal, allowing them to remove or disable comments. "

I take policing to implicitly include what you are talking about and the tribunal appears to be the final authority of appeal for "decisions concerning content and users." 

The problem, if anything might be an egregious workload for the tribunal. But that's another fish.

White Page Again

@MichelleG thank you for this. it is very helpful. I agree I think Tribunal will have to really work for their 3%. But i think it would be interesting. It would be nice if tribunals got a recognition that always remained on their profile. Like a Tribunal 2018 that always stayed, as I think there is a respect not only for the year you put into the job, but also how early on that you did it. Or if you served multiple years.

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